Loved at Home Date Night

The end of the shelter at home order seems oddly close, yet still so far away. It’s like we can feel it coming to an end while still feeling like we may never attend another packed happy hour again (oh, what I would give to push through a crowd to order a beer from a bartender right now!!). With an uncertain future ahead, it’s unknown how much longer we’ll be stuck at home. So, what if for one night we don’t think of it as being “stuck” at home but instead, “loved” at home. Ok, ok… it’s cheesy! But hear me out…

I have those days (er, weeks…) when I just want to punch this stay at home order right in the face. I want my life back. I want to go places. I want my boys to hug their grandmas. I want my couples to get married! And while it’s hard, I force myself to have days full of gratitude, too. I’m grateful that my family is healthy. I’m grateful that my husband is home instead of traveling out-of-state a couple nights each week like he typically does. I’m grateful that the rush of packed schedules has been taken out of our lives allowing us to slow down, bond, and grow as the awesome little family that we are. Don’t get me wrong, on the days I’m feeling shitty, I give myself grace, feel my feelings, and sulk. But I fully believe that the effort to take control of your mood and snap out of it, is worth it.

No matter the type of week you’re having – whether it’s a good one, a bad one, or a same-freaking-thing one – I DARE YOU to make yourself have an awesome date night. That’s right, this is a dare. If you test me, I’ll go as far as to DOUBLE DOG dare you!

I hear you… how are we supposed to have an awesome date night when we can’t go anywhere?! Have no fear, lovebirds, I’ve got it covered! Grab your significant other and follow the directions below.

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